Maps and guide for traveling among Hong Kong Airport, hotels & workshop venue can be found here.

The Mass Transit Railway (MTR) is Hong Kong’s rapid transit system, which also runs the Airport Express train. Whether you travel from your hotel to the conference, or head for any sightseeing in Hong Kong, MTR is one of your best choices for transportation.

Octopus debit card for transportation and small purchases
A very useful tip for taking public transportation in Hong Kong is to purchase an Octopus debit card from the Service Centre of the airport station or any other station of the MTR. The card can be used on Airport Express and MTR trains, buses and ferries (but not taxis), as well as in many small convenience shops (like Seven-Eleven). More information about the Octopus Card can be found here ( We suggest buying one per person for HK$100 (+$50 deposit = $150), which can be topped up if needed. Before leaving Hong Kong, remember to return your card for refund at any Service Centre of the MTR or at the airport.

Using taxis
Half the vehicles in Hong Kong are taxis, mostly colored red. Taxis are cheap, but their drivers often do not speak English. You can most easily give your destination by showing the address in writing (in English or Chinese), or by showing your destination on a map with street names. Note that both the Octopus debit card and Credit cards cannot be used in taxis.

Between airport and hotel
Some hotels (e.g. Royal Plaza, MetroPark) offer a shuttle service: please consult your hotel’s web site. A list of MTR Airport Express Shuttle Bus service supporting hotels can be find here (

Another option is to take the Airport Express train between the airport and Kowloon Station, and a taxi between Kowloon Station and your hotel in Kowloon.

A taxi between the airport and your hotel will cost about HK$200 for the half-hour ride.

Between hotel and Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) in Kowloon Tong

Count about 20 minutes (more the first time) between hotel and HKBU. Maps and instructions directing you between your conference hotel and the nearest MTR station are given at the Hotels page.

The Kowloon Tong MTR Station is the closest to the University. From there, you can take Green Minibus No. 25M and No. 25M(S) to the Shaw Campus. The Minibus Terminus is near Exit B2 of the MTR Station. Pay the fare when you board the Minibus. The fares for an adult are HK$4.70 for No. 25M and HK$3.7 for No. 25M(S). Tell the driver that you would like to get off at Baptist University.

Alternatively, you may take a taxi from just outside Exit B2 of the MTR Station. The taxi fare is about $25.

The Campus Map can be found here for your reference.