International Conference on
Interdisciplinary Nanoscience for
Energy, Life and Environment

15-19 December 2013
Hong Kong Baptist University


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The conference aims to cover both theoretical and experimental aspects of nanoscience with particular relevance to applications in the areas of energy, life and environment.  It includes invited and contributed presentations, as well as posters and computer code demonstrations.

For Poster Presentation, the size of poster should be A0 (84.1 x 118.9 cm). Best-poster student prizes will be awarded.
Partial list of speakers and topics include:

· Balint ARADI (Bremen): “Possibility of a Field Effect Transistor Based on Dirac Particles in Semiconducting Anatase-TiO2 Nanowires
· Mei-Yin CHOU (Academia Sinica):  "Physics of twisted bilayer graphene: What is one plus one?"
·  Aleksandra B. DJURISIC (University of Hong Kong): “Mechanisms of antibacterial activity of nanostructured metal oxides
· Christodoulos A. FLOUDAS (Princeton University): "Discovery framework for shape selective separations and catalysis of zeolites and metal organic frameworks"
· Thomas FRAUENHEIM (Bremen): “The effect of band alignment, carrier self-trapping and vacancies on the photocatalytic properties of rutile-anatase mixtures
· Leo W.M. LAU (Chengdu Green Energy & Green Manufacturing Technology R&D Center): “Unconventional chemistry driven by hyperthermal collision, in the context of nanoscience for energy, life and environment
· Guy LE LAY (Aix-Marseille University): “Perspectives on Silicene, Graphene’s Silicon Cousin
· Quan LI (Chinese University of Hong Kong): “Cellular evolution of nanoparticles and its biological implications
· Haiqin LIN (Beijing Computational Science Research Center): “Simulation of Optical Properties of Nanostructures
· Angelos MICHAELIDES (University College London): “Structure of water at surfaces: challenges for simulation techniques
· Christian MINOT (Paris 6 & Hong Kong Baptist University): Reducibility of metal oxides
· Ian ROBINSON  (UCL and Imperial College ): Structure of Nanoparticles
· Andrey L. ROGACH (City University of Hong Kong): “Nanomaterial Architectures for Charge Separation and Transfer
· Dilano K. SALDIN (UW Milwaukee): "Using an x-ray laser to explore the structure of viruses"
· Qiang SUN (Peking University): "Metal-phthalocyanine Porous Sheet: Properties and Applications"
· David S.Y. TONG (South University of Science and Technology of China): "Stabilizing the polar surfaces of ZnO: A unified driving force"
· Lin-Wang WANG (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory): “Thousand atom nanocrystal calculations: from single electron levels to exciton dissociation energies
· Ning WANG (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology): “Disorder and resonant states in single layer graphene detected by quantum capacitance measurement
· Xu-Dong XIAO (Chinese University of Hong Kong): “Research and Commercialization of Cu(InGa)Se2 Solar Cells in China


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International Organizing Committee:

·        Michel A. Van Hove (HKBU) Co-Chair

·        Rui-Qin Zhang (CityU) Co-Chair

·        Cheting Chan (HKUST)

·        Christodoulos A. Floudas (Princeton)

·        Li-Zhi Liao (HKBU)

·        Renbao Liu (CUHK)

·        Leihan Tang (HKBU)

·        Lin-Wang Wang (LBNL)

·        Zidan Wang (HKU)

·        Xiaoming Yuan (HKBU)


Local Organizing Committee:

·        Michel A. Van Hove (HKBU) Co-Chair

·        Rui-Qin Zhang (CityU) Co-Chair

·        Jun FAN (CityU)

·        Jun Xue FU (HKBU)

·        Jeff Zhi Feng HUANG (HKBU)

·        Beng ONG (HKBU)

·        A Rogach (CityU)

·        WY Teoh (CityU)

·        Yanling ZHAO (HKBU)

·        Liz NG (HKBU)


Program Committee:

·        Michel A. Van Hove (HKBU) Co-Chair

·        Rui-Qin Zhang (CityU) Co-Chair

·        Thomas Frauenheim (Bremen)

·        Nian Lin (HKUST)

·        Miquel B. Salmeron (Berkeley)

·        George A. Sawatzky (Vancouver)

·        Patrick Soukiassian (CEA, Paris-Sud)

·        David S.Y. Tong (SUSTC)

·        D. Phillip Woodruff (Warwick)



·       Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU)

·       HKBU Faculty of Science

·       HKBU Department of Physics

·       HKBU Institute of Computational and Theoretical Studies








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